[mythtv-users] mythtv hard lockup

Jesse Dhillon tobor at berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 18 19:21:54 UTC 2006

Does the computer ever lockup for anyone else? Every once in a while 
myth will cause my computer to freeze hard: all shells die, no input is 
processed, and the CPU fan kicks in suggesting that the usage is 
spiking. The only thing that will illicit a response is a ping.

This happens when doing seemingly mundane stuff; setting a recording, 
browing channels, other normal activity. It only happens in the TV 
watching module. Is there any way to diagnose this? I am pretty sure 
it's not a hardware problem but I'm willing to entertain the idea. I am 
able to deal with this but I am not the only user of the TV and I can't 
offer a solution for this house that randomly requires rebooting, 
fscking, and mysql database repair. Suggestions?


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