[mythtv-users] rf keyboards

Dan Cronstein dcronstein at fuse.net
Mon Dec 18 09:06:47 UTC 2006

I have tried a number of wireless keyboards...

1. Logitech EX110-just a few feet range
2. Kensington-2.4 wireless-range was about 10 feet...and I think it was
interfering with my wireless network (or visa versa)
3. Microsoft Media Center keyboard-IR...but did not work without media
center remote...and then you had to download a program that would have the
keyboard work with the media center remote sensor...so no Linux

Was about to give up...but kept thinking about trying a bluetooth keyboard
and mouse. Saw the Logitech 5000 on sale one day (not cheap--on sale for
$120.00 US) However, it works surprisingly well. Range is at least 30 feet
and it does work through walls. The only problem that I have had is it will
(sometimes, but not often) lose the connection. You can have it reconnect
without much problem. I am using Knoppmyth and it appears there is a
Bluetooth driver that is working through that, but I am not sure of that.
The keyboard comes with a laser mouse that works from the same distance and
works well.

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On 12/17/06, Bob Sully <rcs at malibyte.net> wrote:
> I just picked up an Adesso WKB-4000US.  Works fine with Linux; RF USB
> keyboard with integrated touch screen and mouse buttons.

Does this just connect with a usb stick or is there a cord to the receiver?

My frontend is in another room and I run the IR receiver through the wall.

If it is a stick Is the wireless signal is strong enough to go through
a wall? What kind of range do you get on it?
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