[mythtv-users] Network adds too much overhead for HD frontend

Ken Mandelberg km at mathcs.emory.edu
Mon Dec 18 06:42:26 UTC 2006

I'm trying to run a frontend on 2GHZ P4 laptop with a radeon 7500.

The frontend can just manage to display HD mpeg2 files that are local. 
Mythfrontend uses about 70% of the CPU and Xorg a little over 20%, with 
about 5% idle.

Over the network to the backend there is 0 idle on the same files, with 
frequent prebuffering pauses. This is on a 100mbit wired network 
connection. Top shows about 5% software interrupts (%si) which are close 
to 0 when its operating off the local disk.

Is the added network overhead consistent with other's experience?

My first thought was wondering if I could increase the size of the 
buffer used in prebuffering. However, if there really is just not enough 
CPU thats probably just going to change the timing of the pauses.

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