[mythtv-users] mytharchive creates invalid disc

Peter Abplanalp pta-myth at psaconsultants.com
Mon Dec 18 02:51:44 UTC 2006

----- "Brian Wood" <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Dec 17, 2006, at 4:33 PM, Paul Harrison wrote:
> > Peter Abplanalp wrote:
> >> all,
> >>
> >> i've just created my first dvd using mytharchive and gxine seems  
> >> to be able to open and play it just fine; however, when i put the 
> >> dvd in a normal, stand alone dvd player, the player says it is an 
> >> invalid disc.  can anyone shed some light on why this is?
> >>
> > That could be down to the media you are using. I have seen
> > something similar when using some cheap and nasty discs, they
> > would play fine in one standalone player but would nearly
> > always fail in another.  Using better quality discs works 100%
> > in both players I have.
> Compatibility with standalone consumer DVD players has always been a
> bit slippery, and will never be 100%. Paul's comment about media is  
> quite valid.

ok, what media should i use?  i have both dvd+r and dvd-r single layer
4.7 gb discs and both are manufactured by sony or at least that's whose
name is on the packaging.  is there a better brand that you would suggest?

> A few other points:

snipped but thanks much for the pointers.

Peter Abplanalp

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