[mythtv-users] How to verify UPnP is running

Bill Williamson bill at bbqninja.com
Sun Dec 17 22:16:59 UTC 2006

On 12/17/06, Greg Estabrooks <greg at phaze.org> wrote:
> > _Short version_  How can I verify (telnet, ???) that UPnP is running
> > and properly returning lists of media on MythTV?
>  One other option is (under XP at least) to open My Network Places, and click the "Show UPNP network devices" link, then you should see all available upnp servers and if you click on the icon pull up their device/status page.

Okay, I've done some more testing.  UPnP is RUNNING, but not WORKING.

What I did this time:
1. Install twonkyvision 30 day trial on a windows PC
2. change the myth init.d file to add -v upnp
--See attached log file... UPNP is running
3. run the UPNP tester at http://noeld.com/programs.asp?cat=dstools
--Result:  Router and twonkyvision showed up, mythtv didn't
4. Do the network places trick mentioned above
--Result:  Router and twonkyvision showed up, mythtv didn't
5. Go to the xbox, in XBMC choose videos and then "UPNP (scan for devices)"
--Result: twonkyvision shows up
6. Go to the xbox, in XBMC choose videos and then enter
upnp:// (IP of myth)
--Result: same error as in original post

Now for the interesting bit:
Note the lines in the logfile which are the
HttpWorkerThread::ProcessWork begin and end.

Every time I scanned for UPnP (via network places or the UPnP tester
or the xbox) I got one of the "begin" lines, and then 1-2 minutes
later the end line.

It seems that myth is starting UPnP and getting the requests, but not
correctly responding.

Things I've checked:
-mythtv config set as my IP address for both backend and master backend
-iptables -L is blank, with default as accept for all 3 default chains
-ip address is same netmask and range as others
on the network
-route shows 2 routes, as local (no GW) and default
GW as

Basically all I've done, start to finish:
1. install ubuntu 6.10
2. install dvb-utils
3. do the scan, channels.conf, tzap tests
4. install mythbackend/frontend/database and mysql (lated added
libupnp0, which was stated to not matter)
5. get myth working (was easy as pie... .20 was simple to get going!)
6. try to get upnp via what's been posted here


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