[mythtv-users] Mythtv NFS and QoS

jmyers at huskywatch.com jmyers at huskywatch.com
Sun Dec 17 13:05:11 UTC 2006

Hey everyone. Currently I am running Mythtv (0.19) and using a 900GB NAS 
over nfs as the primary storage. At one point I purchased a new rack mount 
switch (D-Link Layer 2 Switch) and it has caused many issues whereby as 
soon as Myth tried to write to the nas it started getting timeouts. Once I 
put it back on a desktop switch all was well... I still want to put in a 
rackmount switch and I am considering two different Linksys switches. The 
crux of my question is, one of these switches has QoS and the other 
doesn't. Is this important when using nfs for the mythtv store? I it going 
to cost quite a bit more to have it, and I want to make sure I am going to 
benefit from it. Does anyone have any answers to this???? I know it is 
supposed to help with voip and other real-time apps, but I'm not sure is 
this would benefit from QoS....

Thanks heaps everyone.....


Jamie Myers

It said requires Windows XP or better........ So I installed Linux!

I'd love to change the world....... But they wont give me the source code!
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