[mythtv-users] Fixed!: Nvidia Sync to Vblank pegging cpu in X

J. Miller mythtv.org at elvenhome.net
Sun Dec 17 00:25:56 UTC 2006

I've been fighting the scourge of myth causing X to consume 100% of the 
CPU when Xv Sync to Vblank is turned on in nvidia-settings.  Everything 
works just fine with it unchecked but that is the only sync setting that 
gives me a perfect picture with no tearing.  Myth's native OpenGL sync 
still tears a little.  The problem turned out to be the modeline I was 
using.  It was a 1368x768 56Hz modeline which apparently triggered the 
issue.  I switched to a 1360x768 60Hz modeline and now everything works 
peachy.  X still starts consuming large amounts of CPU occasionally but 
it quickly drops back down to the 2-4% range.  I'm not 100% sure that it 
was the refresh but a modeline change did the trick.  Hopefully posting 
this here will help point others that have the same problem in a new 

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