[mythtv-users] volume difference between two tuners

John Andrunas john at andrunas.net
Sat Dec 16 18:35:53 UTC 2006

I recently added a Air2PC card to my box, and everything is working great,
but I have one annoyance.  There is a big difference in the volume levels
between the PVR-150 and the Air2PC card.  I know I can lower the volume
level for the PVR-150 card but when I do this I have to crank up the volume
on the TV and end up getting a bad hissing noise.  Is there a way to control
the volume output on the Air2PC card similar to the ivtvctl command?  I
usually have my mythvolume on the PVR card at around 40 to 50, but when I
switch to the Air2PC card I have to crank it up to 75 to 80.  I can live
with it but it is annoying.

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