[mythtv-users] Newbie Questions

Stephen Sassman sassman1 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 14:07:40 UTC 2006

> I would like to make the jump to digital
> cable but I want to make sure I can still use my PVR. If I subscribe to
> the service does the PRV tuner basically replace my providers tuner box?
> i.e. it can tune into the digital channels?

If you mean that you already have a digital cable box with a built in PVR,
then the answer is maybe. You will have to call your cable company to see if
they will activate it for you. Some cable providers don't like to do this
because they claim that your box could damage their system. If they will
activate it for you, you may have to buy a cable card that goes in the box
to decode content. BTW, I have a PVR box that I never use the PVR
functionality because its just easier to use the mythbox.

If you are asking if you can use a pci tuner card to watch digital cable,
the snswer is no. You still need a cable box to decode the digital signal.
Then your pci card (ie pvr 350) encodes the analog signal coming from the
cable box.  Or if the box has firewire, you may not need a pci card at all.

> Can I have two tuners and record 2 shows at the same time?


> I recall reading that the ideal solution would be to have a dedicated box
> to record content ( i.e. tuner cards, host the database etc) and a
> box to watch TV / content. Is it realistic to not just build a high end
> system with lots of RAM etc and use it for both?

Myth is very flexible. I have a single FE + BE box. Set it up anyway you
want to. Just dont expect throw video around a wireless connection.

> Wireless USB extender (completely off topic - for a MAME system)

I'm not much help here. But sounds like it is feasible as long as you can
get the inputs set up.
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