[mythtv-users] Learning remote - sending new codes?

Jonathan Markevich mythtv at jonandtina.net
Sat Dec 16 12:40:17 UTC 2006

> I'm a little confused on what you're doing, but it depends on your IR
> receiver.
> If you're using the Hauppauge receiver, then you need to be aware that it
> will only receive RC-5 codes, and apparently, only a small subset of 
> them.
> It will most likely not work with your keyboard. The Hauppauge remote
> does not use all of the available RC-5 codes that the sensor will receive
> - many people use universal remote controls with extra RC-5 codes
> programmed in, and make new keys out of them.
> Other IR receivers, like the irman, or some learning remotes, will 
> receive
> any valid IR signal, and would work with your keyboard.

Hi Joe,

I have no IR keyboard, just a serial transciever.  Those extra RC-5 
codes are exactly what I am looking for!  Does anyone have those handy?

Thanks for answering

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