[mythtv-users] PDA Transcode: new install feature forpdatranscode.pl

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Sat Dec 16 05:18:18 UTC 2006

David Fishburn wrote:

> Can we get maybe some profiles added to your pdatranscode.pl script.  So
> basically I could say --profile PSP or --profile TREO|AXIM and so on to
> target the slightly different settings each of these devices will need.  For
> example, on the PSP you have to use MP4 files, not AVI files. 

Sure, I think so. If you have working transcoder commands, we could
add those to the current "lavc", "Xvid", and 'low-quality' options.
We'd fix the scale in the transcoder command[0] and use the
transformConfig() routine to do things like
  # if for the PSP, use a .mp4 filename
  if ( $conf->{transcoder} eq 'PSP' ) {
    $conf->{'filename-format'} =~ s/\.avi$/\.mp4/l
so you could do something as simple as

pdatranscode.pl --transcoder PSP --install-job-number 1
--install-job-name "Transcode for PSP"


[0] or maybe introduce a new expansion syntax like {scale/368:208}
meaning if the 'scale' option is the same as the default 'scale', use
"368:208", but if 'scale' has been changed, use what the user
specified -- this would allow the PSP transcoder to default to 368:208
but let users override that default on the command line. That might be
too much complexity, though...

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