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Jim C. jlistnews at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 18:52:36 UTC 2006

dat220 at tappin.ca wrote:
> I have been looking at MythTV for a while now and if I can ever get my
> i.e. it can tune into the digital channels?

Well, out here you can't get premium channels. This is to say that the
cable company won't decrypt them and put them into any kind of broadcast
setup that would be useful.  In fact, they went so far as to try and
replace all of their cable boxes with low end PVR's, which of course
they charge for. All of this despite the fact that you paid for the
signals fair and square.

The only way to get all channels is to get an IR blaster (something that
broadcasts IR signals from your machine) and use it to manipulate the
cable boxes tuner. Then you just grab the one individual signal coming
out of the cable box. This bytes, of course, because you can only get
one at a time without an additional cable box with all the associated

> 2.) Dual tuners
> Can I have two tuners and record 2 shows at the same time?

Yup. Need an additional card for each one.

> 3.) Front End vs. Back End
> I recall reading that the ideal solution would be to have a dedicated box
> system with lots of RAM etc and use it for both?

Depends on how many TV's you want to support, and if you have a home
network that can be used to get digital for each one.  If your a one TV
house, you may want only one box.

Jim c.

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