[mythtv-users] Offset all recordings by a few minutes

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Fri Dec 15 09:39:24 UTC 2006

Mr. Demeanour wrote:
> Phill Edwards wrote:
>>> I have a problem with my recordings starting and ending a few
>>> minutes late. This means the start of the show is cut off and we
>>> get extra at the end.  My clock is set by ntp so it is as accurate
>>> as I can get it.
>> No need to mess with ntp as there is a feature in MythTV where you
>> can set global start early or finish late settings (well I think it
>> can do both).
> How do you tell what "early" or "late" means, if your clock is unreliable?
> This is particularly important where (a) tuners are in short supply, and
> (b) one scheduled recording starts as another ends.
I found that although I had ntp enabled my clock was still off by 
minutes.  It appeared that my system clock was chasing its own tail.
The ntp literature seemed exhaustive but not written for the user.

ntpd -q   , run occasionally, seems to work.

John P

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