[mythtv-users] Does higher bitrate and resolution benefit HDTV?

Gary Taylor squeaky at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Dec 15 03:59:40 UTC 2006

I want to use Myth to archive my analog 8 mm camcorder home movies to DVD.
Right now I only have a 20 year old TV, but eventually I imagine it's
inevitable that I'll get an HDTV.  Will saving my home movies using the higher
resolution and bitrate that the HQ profile in Archive Files provides, provide
me any advantage when viewed on HDTV when I get one?

If saving my movies in the higher resolution and bitrate will not do me any
good then I'll save them in 352x480 and there is no need to read further.

I've been experimenting with tapes that contain about 2 hours 4 minutes worth
of material and with some adjustments to mythburn.py(dvdrsize=(4482,8152))
and/or ffmpeg_dvd_ntsc.xml(bitrate 8000), I've been able to make them fit onto a
DL-DVD and they play in my DVD player. If I don't make these changes the
resulting .iso image is too big and K3b complains.  

It seems that hacking mythburn.py and ffmpeg_dvd_ntsc is undoing someones well
thought out plans.  Short of cutting my home movies shorter, is there a better
way I should be doing this?  I haven't really looked at how to edit the raw
files from my PVR-350 so maybe it's the best way to go. I seem to recall a
thread about the audio and video getting out of sync when editing like that,
but am unsure.

I like using mythburn.py from the command line because it allows me to automate
everything starting from the raw capture to the DVD burn, but again I feel like
I'm bypassing someones well thought out GUI design.  

I'm capturing from a PVR-350 using 720x480
Debian Etch
Using MythTV 0.20 from the debian-multimedia repository (Thanks Christian Marillat)

Thanks for your consideration,

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