[mythtv-users] yum update mythtv-suite not updating everything

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Dec 14 21:04:12 UTC 2006

Rich West wrote:
> Trey Thompson wrote:
>> I'm on FC5, and use Axel's awesome atrpms.net.  Trying to update todate with:
>> yum update mythtv-suite updated only the suite, which was 9.1k.
>> Shouldn't it have updated all the myth packages?
>> This is what I've got:
>> mythtv.i386                              0.20-137.fc5.at        installed
>> mythtv-backend.i386                      0.20-137.fc5.at        installed
>> mythtv-frontend.i386                     0.20-137.fc5.at        installed
>> mythtv-setup.i386                        0.20-137.fc5.at        installed
>> mythtv-suite.i386                        0.20-147.1.fc5.at      installed
>> mythtv-theme-MediaCenter.noarch          0.17-5.at              installed
>> mythtv-theme-ProjectGrayhem.noarch       1.7-2.at               installed
>> mythtv-theme-Retro.noarch                0.20051208-2.at        installed
>> mythtv-theme-abstract.noarch             0.20040910-3.at        installed
>> mythtv-theme-photo.noarch                4-7.at                 installed
>> mythtv-theme-purplegalaxy.noarch         0.20031214-4.at        installed
>> mythtv-theme-sleek.noarch                0.35-3.at              installed
>> mythtv-theme-visor.noarch                1:0.16.2-6.at          installed
>> mythtv-themes.i386                       0.20-137.fc5.at        installed
> Try yum -y update mythtv\*
> -Rich

Doh.. ignore this.. I didn't realize I was responding to an old
posting.  I had my mythtv mailbox sorted incorrectly. :)


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