[mythtv-users] Recorder Failed error on 2 of my channels

Jason Lewis jasonblewis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 20:54:30 UTC 2006

Nick Morrott wrote:
> Are you able to watch these 2 channels in LiveTV? I would guess that
> the channels are not correctly setup to allow MythTV to tune to them -
> the error states "Failed to set channel to ." - note the lack of
> channel identifier in the error. Are these channels using an analogue
> tuner, a DVB tuner, or a direct (S-Video/composite) input?
> Nick
Yes, I am able to watch the channel in LiveTV. I did notice the "." and 
I edited the channel number in those channels to be the proper number, 
but that didn't change anything.

I'm using 2 DVB tuners.



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