[mythtv-users] A few questions (Directv, lirc priority)

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Thu Dec 14 17:11:45 UTC 2006

> Uh, you'd need one for each.  I have two adapters and two STBs.  They
> only have one serial port (unless this is some odd STB model I'm unaware
> of).

Ooops, I was mistakenly assuming a D11 box again. A D11 would require
2 USB->Serial adapters, since the STB itself is a USB host. If you
just have a D10 or something you only need one for each box.

Some people suggested udev rules to assign particular device names to
each port. That's not a bad idea, unless you end up using a USB hub or
similar. I wonder if there's a way to query a unique identifier from
the STB so that it "knows" which is which without having to tell it. I
guess that still wouldn't tell you which is plugged into which input,
but it would at least give you the ability to keep it that way without
any dependence on the underlying USB structure.

 - Jeff

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