[mythtv-users] Live tv and recording quit working

dcmorgan at qx.net dcmorgan at qx.net
Thu Dec 14 02:47:19 UTC 2006

Not sure exactly what happened to cause it but
watching live tv and recording shows suddenly stopped
working.  I am running FC4 and did an upgrade of myth
to .20.  I have a PVR-150 tuner.  The following is an
error received from the output of mythfrontend.

2006-12-13 21:36:25.487 MythSocket(9ab4288:13):
readStringList: Error, timeout (quick).
2006-12-13 21:36:25.488 Unexpected response to
2006-12-13 21:36:25.491 TV: Attempting to change from
None to None

Any ideas what could be causing this?


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