[mythtv-users] Internal DVD player, new DVDs fail to play

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Thu Dec 14 02:19:52 UTC 2006

I would guess that the ARccOS protection schemes used by some of the 
vendors (Sony, Disney, etc) is causing a fair amount of problems, too.


> I found this with pretty much every DVD I owned, I gave up and stuck 
> with xine, but I would love the internal player to be stable enough.  
> Even xine has issues (unable to play Naco Libre). 
> On 12/13/06, *osma ahvenlampi* <oa at iki.fi <mailto:oa at iki.fi>> wrote:
>     I've recently started noting problems using the internal player on new
>     DVDs. Older ones still work nicely, but discs mastered this year (such
>     as Munich (region 2 / nordic with Finnish subtitles among others)
>     won't play. The screen goes black for 20 seconds while the player
>     scans for CSS keys, finds them, tries to show the menu, fails, and
>     then returns to the MythTV menus.
>     This is not the only such DVD - in fact, it's difficult these days to
>     find a new movie that did work in the player. Yet xine is able to
>     play
>     these discs just fine.
>     Anyone else see the issue?

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