[mythtv-users] kernel 2.6.19 and broken lirc

devsk funtoos at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 13 19:15:11 UTC 2006

I recently upgraded my kernel to get the latest in-tree drivers for my HAUP PVR USB2 card (earlier I had collected them from all over the place for 2.6.17 kernel). I also upgraded ivtv to 0.9.1 version for 2.6.19 and lirc to 0.8.0-r8. Now, the device /dev/lirc/0 is no longer created although all the modules are loaded as before and lircd exits upon getting the first request from irw, which immd. comes back.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem with 2.6.19? Is the problem with lirc or ivtv or pvrusb2 driver? Which driver is supposed to create the device /dev/lirc/0?

Thanks for your help.

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