[mythtv-users] nuvexport problem with KnoppMyth R5D1

Tero Mäntyvaara termant at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 17:01:33 UTC 2006

Hi again! :-D

I am using KnoppMyth R5D1. nuvexport is 0.3 0.20060214 and ffmpeg is
0.4.9-pre1 build 4718.

My "exporting" experiencies:
First I was doing my original mpeg-recording transformation to
AVI-format with various bitrates and I noticed that every time I get
exactly the same sized file. Then I used ASF-format, and same thing! Has
there been this kind of problem in 0.3 version (or later) witch has been
corrected? I thought I could fix it with no upgrade, maintaining some
sort of compatibility with the rest of the system.

Tero Mäntyvaara

Chris Petersen wrote:
> Tero Mäntyvaara wrote:
>> I thought your version number syntax. Are the first numbers, like in
>> 0.3-0.20060915, the developmen version and the last part (date) the
>> "build" number? So the older the last part, the better fixed and the
>> bigger the first part, the bigger modifications has been done?
> First number is the version, second is the build date.
> 0.3 works only with mythtv .19, 0.4 only works with mythtv .20
>> I wondered that there could be change to upgrade to the latest 0.3 in
>> KnoppMyth R5D1 which has MythTV 0.19?
> You can always grab old builds of nuvexport here:
>     http://forevermore.net/files/nuvexport/archive/
> However, you are running the most recent version of 0.3.
> -Chris

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