[mythtv-users] To install from source or apt-get ?

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I am not sure what the lure of Ubuntu is but if you are looking for an easy to install distro which can install packages automatically from source with tonnes of configurability (like whether you want aac or not), you should look at sabayon linux. Its gentoo at its core, so you can use portage to install pretty much everything from source. Portage is probably the best pkg mgr out there with dep tracking and choice of configure options (automagically determined from your USE flags) that you can pass to a package.


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> It installed very easily with the apt-get packages, however I'm wondering if 

> further down the line I may run in to problems upgrading to new releases using 
> this method? 

If you have experience with compiling I suggest you go from source. It allows you to choose some options that you otherwise wouldn't have access to (aac, firewire, etc.) and there are a number of things that are only available if you download the source (contribs folder).  I have also had problems with dependency issues using debs (on Debian), although ubuntu may be better in this respect (although inferior in many others IMHO).

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