[mythtv-users] Can a pcHDTV record standard definition?

brad at bradandkim.net brad at bradandkim.net
Wed Dec 13 16:03:10 UTC 2006

> Robert Tsai wrote:
> Not quite correct.
> Cable. at least in North America, gives 3 choices:
> (1) analog (NTSC) SD channel
> (2)  digital (ATSC) SD channel, usually QAM256 encoded, and
> (3)  digital (ATSC) HD channels usually encrypted, but may be
> unencrypted  (and QAM256 encoded) if FCC mandated (not available in
> Canada...pity).
> Frame grabbers receive (1) and require CPU power to encode the stream to
> PVR cards receive (1) and have hardware encoders to create the output
> stream.
> The HCHDTV HD3000 card will receive (1) but does not contain a hardware
> encoder: it needs CPU power to create the output MPEG stream. (I think
> the HD5000 is the same).
> The HD3000/5000 will receive (2) as they do QAM256 decoding. Most cable
> co's. have free digital streams (but they may only be available on an
> 'extended subscription...not to be confused with an HD subscruption.)
> Fro example Rogers Cable provides about 30 QAM256 digital SD channesls
> and about 70 free audio only feeds on an 'extended' subscription. (This
> is out of a total of 464 digital streams!)
> Encrypted HD streams (3) require a subscription and a Set-Top-Box or
> Cable-Card to decrypt. Output is usually by firewire from the STB.
> HD3000 cannot handle the decryption, although it probably can receive
> the stream.
> And, using a completely different methodology, the HD3000 can receive
> both SD and HD digital broadcasts using an antenna..(OTA)...Free for the
> price of the card and the antenna.
> Geoff
> '

OK, that is good to know.  I guess I need to look into this a lot more
before buying anything.



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