[mythtv-users] PVR500: Lost sound on recordings

Mark A. O'Neil mark.a.oneil at Dartmouth.EDU
Wed Dec 13 15:40:34 UTC 2006


Apologies for the x-post (posted to both the ivtv-users and the  
mythtv-users lists).

I recently updated my perfectly functional MythTV backend (FC5,  
PVR500, MythTV v0.19, ivtv v0.6? whatever the recommendation for the  
2.6.16 kernel was) and XBox xebian frontend.

After a significant update (it had been awhile since initial  
installation, so a lot was updated) I lost sound in all new  
recordings - previous recordings play fine on both systems. In fact  
the both systems work fine in all other capacities as far as I have  
determined to date.

Current backend stats are:
ivtv:	0.8.2
MythTV:	0.20 (I do not have the exact version in my notes here at work)

At this point I am thinking there is a problem with the ivtv  
installation/configuration. So the initial question is:

Is the ivtv version I have installed correct for my kernel?

This is the first time I have used yum to update ivtv as for the  
first install I built it from src. Could that have been the problem  
(yum) - perhaps I missed something?

Please, let me know what other info would be useful besides the ivtv  
init log, to troubleshoot this (logs etc) and I will gather that up  
this evening and post.

This morning I came across some notes regarding the 'mute' setting -  
ivtvctl -y mute=<0|1> - and will give that a shot this evening as well.


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