[mythtv-users] multiple sources with overlapping channels

Robin Neatherway robthebob at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 14:42:45 UTC 2006

> Another example of the difference between channels and stations.
> "CNN" in Atlanta, GA broadcasts "Anderson Cooper 360" at 3:00UCT.
> When I tune to channel 20 at 7pm I see Anderson Cooper. At the
> same time, someone in Ohio is seeing him on channel 53 at 10pm.
> Listings for "CNN" don't get the job done. I need listings for
> Cox Cable channel 20 in Las Vegas, NV which primarily carries
> "CNN". You may note that the US standard of numbers assigned to
> frequencies is different than your TVs where you preset a number
> to a frequency but that's not the point. If your DVB service
> carried CNN, the times and listings would be different than
> Atlanta, Cleveland, or Las Vegas. You could even potentially
> have an analogue CNN from a different service with slightly
> (or significantly) different listings.

So when you say "channel" you are referring to a particular frequency
rather than a number? Over here in the UK channels (in the sense that
you are saying "station") tend to have a standard number. Regional
variation is also substantially more limited than it seems to be in
the US. Also I am slightly confused by what you mean when you say that
Cox cable channel 20 primarily carries CNN. Is it not just CNN? Do
they put other programs of their own on around CNN or remove some of
CNN's shows?

> > Ok, so if in my case I have the digital and analogue BBC2's, which are
> > in fact exactly the same channel, how should I make them show up as
> s/channel/station/ . Each if these are different frequencies
> from a different wire on different input. Both carry programing
> from the BBC2 broadcast center.

I wonder if this is just a difference in terminology here. When I say
channel I mean something like NBC or the Sci Fi channel, which you
appear to be calling "stations". I think that when you say channel you
mean a particular frequency? (which I would just call a frequency).

> > just a single entry in the EPG? With matched callsigns, I still get
> People used to complain about seeing the same channel number
> and callsign in two rows next to each other. The rule now is
> that if the channum and callsign are identical, only one row
> is shown. I see 3 KVBC and further down, 123 KVBC. If I had
> another source with KRAP on channel 3, I'd see "3 KVBC" then
> "3 KRAP". If I included channel 3 in my digital cable source
> I would still see just one "3 KVBC".

That makes sense.

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