[mythtv-users] Custom Record help, please

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Dec 13 05:55:32 UTC 2006

Tom Lichti wrote:
> How about:
> (programgenres.genre like '%Crime%' or programgenres.genre like 
> '%Mystery%') AND programgenres.genre like %'Drama%'
> With my listing data (datadirect) this gives me Law and Order (all), CSI 
> (all), Sopranos, NCIS, Without a Trace, The District, 24, Quincy, and 
> numerous other shows. Is that what you are trying to get?

That sounds good but I think you are really getting the same
result as you would with:

programgenres.genre = 'Crime drama'

After the JOIN, there are rows with:

title=NCIS genre='Crime drama'
title=NCIS genre='Action'
title=NCIS genre='Adventure'
title=NCIS genre='Mystery'

It never sees that '%Mystery%' AND '%Drama%' are in the same row
but '%Crime%' AND '%Drama%' will be true for the first row and
every show with specifically 'Crime drama' as one of the genre.

--  bjm

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