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Nick Morrott knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 01:01:33 UTC 2006

On 12/12/06, David Fishburn <fishburn at ianywhere.com> wrote:
> MythTV 0.20
> Ubuntu Edgy
> 2.6.18 kernel
> PVR-500 MCE Edition (includes Hauppauge remote)
> I have the above all working.
> I also have an older DirecTV RCA remote control with almost all the same
> buttons as what comes on my Hauppuage.  The advantage with the RCA remote is
> it can control more devices (TV VCR and so on).
> Since I have everything working with some very good WAF (plus D[aughter]AF)
> I wanted to try to enable the DirecTV RCA remote and keep the other remote
> functional at the same time.
> Currently I am using the lirc_mceusb2 driver for the Hauppauge.
> Is this possible?

If the DirecTV remote uses the same RC-5 codes as the Hauppauge remote.

> Do I have to load additional remote lirc modules?

Not if you are using the same IR receiver.

> I only have the IR Receiver that comes with the Hauppauge remote, it seems
> to register RF signals from the DirecTV remote.

That's a good start (if it's registering IR signals). Have you tried
recording the DirecTV remote using an RC-5 header file when running

> Do I have to combine two different lircd.conf files?

You need to have 2 remote definitions in your /etc/lircd.conf file.

> How does this affect my lircrc?

You should ensure each command in your lircrc file has a 'remote =
xxxx' line so that LIRC knows which remote control the command belongs
to. You will also want to include a separat entry for each command
that you want to work on each remote/button combination as you may
have different keynames defined in your /etc/lircd.conf file.

> Has anyone else already done something like this?

Yes, I've had >1 remote working at the same time.

Good luck,

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