[mythtv-users] Basics of Mulit Drive, Partitioning, File Sytems

Jon Boehm jbpub at comcast.net
Tue Dec 12 21:06:44 UTC 2006


Totally newbie here.  I'm starting a new Front & Back Myth Box.  I'm trying
to install Ubuntu 6.1 and I'm confused on the partition setup phase.  Please
point me to a faq or other thread if this has been covered before

Here is my hardware:
500GB SATA 300MB/S
320GB SATA 300MB/S
250GB SATA 300MB/S
250GB Slave IDE
2G RAM -- relevant for the swap info

I don't think I need any redundancy (RAID).  I'll used rsync to regularly
back up the important config file once I'm happy.

Where should I put the root file system (boot) for best drive thru put?
Would it be best to put it on a drive that is less likely to have video
media on it so that video and OS would not be contending for drive

I'm thinking a 10GB for the OS in a EXT3 file system. Right size and file

I'm thinking 3G swap.  The rule of thumb I heard was 1.5 x physical ram.
For performance where should the swap go?

All the rest??? XFS file system? Should I use LMV?  Is there stripping build
into LMV?  I've heard that LMV is not as important these days because Myth
can now store files at multiple mount points.  Can a recording span multiple
mount points? 

Thanks VERY VERY MUCH for the info,

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