[mythtv-users] multiple sources with overlapping channels

Robin Neatherway robthebob at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 15:38:19 UTC 2006

> If the data is coming from a source using the uk_rt XMLTV grabber, you
> could use the Perl http cache utility to cache listings downloads from
> the RadioTimes website in-between successive mythfilldatabase runs.
> Only new and updated channel data should be downloaded.

I did a google search for perl http cache and couldn't really tell if
it was just a standard module or a standalone application. Are you
thinking I could use it by adding it into the grabber myself, or as
some kind of filter between the grabber and the RadioTimes website?

> I wish I had a while ago was that MFDB (when run manually) could use a
> single comprehensive uk_rt XML output file containing listings for all
> configured video sources and  apply this data against only channels
> that actually exist on the sources it is being applied against, as
> opposed to creating new channels etc. Last time I tried this, it
> wasn't possible, and therefore I had been running MFDB manually, once
> of each video source.

I see, thanks.

> I also want to know whether it is yet possible to apply EIT data
> against non-EIT sources, such as being able to use DVB EIT radio
> channel data on a predominantly uk_rt-based cable video source for
> channels that are not covered. I had been running both the uk_rt
> grabber and tv_grab_dvb application manually to allow me to apply a
> mixture of program listings data against a single video source
> containing channels that could not be populated with data from a
> single grabber.

An interesting question, certainly, I can't really help there though
as I don't have DVB-T these days! I assume you aren't trying to use
the NTL DVB-C data?

> This also makes the point about which source's data is being displayed
> moot, as the data is the same on all common channels.


> > Does matching the callsigns leave you with two entries for a
> > particular channel, but allow Myth to realise that programs you have
> > set to record on that channel to record on any channel with a matched
> > callsign?
> All configured channels remain for MythTV to schedule recordings with,
> until you remove them in the channel editor. Channels having identical
> callsigns enable MythTV to treat such channels as identical for
> scheduling purposes - MythTV can and will record from any  instance of
> the same channel. However, which of these channels the scheduler
> chooses to record from is down to how you have set your source,
> channel, and individual recording rule priorities.
> My UK-based setup has all common channels available on ntl, DVB-T and
> analogue having the same channel numbers (using ntl's numbering
> scheme), same callsigns, and same names. DVB channels have top
> priority, ntl second, and analogue lowest priority. Channels which are
> flaky on DVB have raised priorities to give their ntl-based
> counterparts preference in the scheduler.

That clears things up a lot. Thanks.


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