[mythtv-users] Automatic converting HDTV to MPEG2

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Tue Dec 12 14:34:30 UTC 2006

Trampas wrote:
> My hardware is an Nforce 3 motherboard, with Geforce 4 built in video card,
> also tried an AGP Nvidia 5200 card. The hard drive is a WD 160GB the
> processor is a 3000+ AMD chip and I have 256MB ram which I need to increase.
> The motherboard is generic one, the machine is an old E-Machines box. 
I wasn't talking about your PC hardware but your choice of using the 
Media MVP for HD.  Not a good choice.
> The capture cards are a Avermedia A180 and a PVR150 both chosen such that
> they include hardware encoding.
Great cards, I have multiple of them myself
> Again everyone tells me the hardware is very well support. I finally did get
> the Nvidia graphics drivers installed. The problem appears that the Nvidia
> script does not work with FC6 and you have to use RPMs. However in you have
> tried Nvidia script you have to manually remove drivers. Then after drivers
> are installed you have to kiss the config gods to figure out what needs to
> be done to get GLX loaded and to be able to change the resolution. Both
> required many trips to google and hours of trial and error as most answers
> were "turn off EDIS" or "load GLX in xorg.conf." 
Most certainly not a MythTV problem.


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