[mythtv-users] One system works, the other doesn't?

Mat Kyne matkyne at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 12 04:11:05 UTC 2006

Here is the deal. I am building my mother a MythTV box for Christmas. I used 
a combination of old and new parts to make it. The CPU is a P-III Coppermine 
1.0 GHz, with a 256K L2 cache and a 133 FSB. The motherboard is a PC Chips 
M779MR, which is a Micro ATX form factor with a 4x AGP slot. It has brand 
new 256 MB PC 133 of RAM. It will only be doing SD TV with a Hauppauge 
PVR-150. The video card is a Nvidia GF 4400 (64 MB) & I am using the most 
recent Nvidia Drivers. So here is the problem. While setting it up I popped 
in a DVD the video was terrible, lots of frames dropped. Top told me that 
xine was running at 90% CPU. Enabling xvmc didn't help  I did a "xine-check" 
and all things were good. Both the DVD drive and the Hard drive have DMA 
enabled. They are running on two separate IDE channels and both use 80 
conductor wire. I tried a different DVD drive and got the same results. Then 
I told Xine to play a DVD ISO that was on a network drive. Same problem. 
Finally I copied the ISO to the local hard drive and played that, and still 
the problem remained.

I know the hardware is adequate, I have a remote front end in my garage that 
has a 1.1 GHz CPU, 256 MB PC 100 RAM with on board video. It plays anything 
and everything fine. I played the same ISO with Xine and the CPU was only at 
20%. Does anyone have any ideas to help me out?

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