[mythtv-users] geforce 5200 freezes

Rich West Rich.West at wesmo.com
Mon Dec 11 23:42:48 UTC 2006

jtbutler78 at comcast.net wrote:
> My BIOS doesnt allow setting it to 4x so I made the changes in the source and when I try to build it throws an error.  I have attached my installer log.  I think I may be missing some files it needs to build this module.  I am not really sure but I am stumped.
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> From: "osma ahvenlampi" <oa at iki.fi>
>> On 12/9/06, Rich West <Rich.West at wesmo.com> wrote:
>>> Quoting jtbutler78 at comcast.net:
>>>> I am trying to setup my myth box with an nvidia geforce 5200 agp
>>>> card.  when after i install and restart X my system is fine for
>>>> about a minute then it freezes.  I cannot exit to command line but
>>>> my mouse still works so I need to reboot and change the driver.
>>> This has come up on the list a bunch of times.  The suspicion is that
>>> there is something funky with the nVidia driver, particular
>>> motherboards, and X.org.
>> I used to have this problem until I patched the driver to force the
>> card to AGP 4x mode. That fixed it for good...
>> http://www.fishpool.org/post/2006/07/13/NVIDIA-AGP-rate

You have a PVR-350?  Yeah.. just use the video out on that card. :)

Oh.. another thing I did was turn off all of the little 'previews" when 
viewing the recorded programs listing.  That, and I switched away from 
the G.A.N.T. theme as there were suggestions that the G.A.N.T. theme's 
use of OpenGL might be tickling something in the driver..


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