[mythtv-users] Transcoding and commercial flagging

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Mon Dec 11 22:45:10 UTC 2006

Matthew Asplund wrote:
> I may just me misunderstanding, but I am having a problem with my mythbox.
> I have an old 1 GHz P3 machine as a mythtv BE/FE, with a PVR-150 as 
> the tuner card, and 512 MB memory (that is all the motherboard can 
> hold; its an old COMPAQ small form-factor PC, and if I put more on the 
> motherboard, it complains that I need to take some out)   I have had 
> two cases where I had some process run away, and exhaust all of the 
> memory, and lock the machine up.  Since much of what I watch is PBS, I 
> thought I could save come processor/memory by not doing the commercial 
> flagging step.  I went into mythtv-setup, went into the setup section 
> and turned off commercial flagging.  That seemed to work.  Then I went 
> to transcode a video, and nothing happened. When I looked on mythweb I 
> saw that there was a huge queue of jobs waiting for commercial 
> flagging, and that my transcoding job was stuck at the end. 
> Did I turn off commercial flagging wrong?  Am I misunderstanding how 
> things are supposed to work?
Sounds like you turned off the ability for this backend to run commflag 
jobs but did not tell any of your recording profiles to stop queuing up 
the commflag jobs.   Edit each of your recording profiles and turn off 
the commercial flagging job. 


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