[mythtv-users] SMP Performance

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Dec 11 16:26:50 UTC 2006

On Dec 11, 2006, at 8:10 AM, raphael wrote:

> devsk wrote:
>>> As long as you're talking about socket 939 chips have a look at the
>> Opteron 165 for about $150.
>> oh, yeah absolutely! If you are into fiddling with OC, opteron is the
>> way to go (the OEM clock is at 1.8Ghz for 165 and at 2.0Ghz for 3800
>> X2, if the OP needs that info). Although I have seen people OCing
>> their X2 3800 to 2.8 Ghz, opteron will beat it for a few bucks  
>> (around
>> 25$) more and less headache with increased vcore and special cooling.
>> Also, you have to find a good mobo and memory to get the max OC,  
>> which
>> might add to your cost.
> Have to say Corsair Value select has been pretty good for me as far as
> overclocking goes.  They make tons of overclocking types of RAM for  
> tons
> of money, but the value select RAM itself is great, but make sure  
> to get
> the cas2.5 kind (they also have cas3 value select for the same price
> most places).
> I wasn't expecting to be able to overclock with "value" memory;  
> take it
> with a grain of salt though, because maybe I just got lucky.
> Raphael

A discussion of overclocking belongs elsewhere in the main, but I  
suspect I am not alone in having a working SD system but wanting to  
look into HD for the future.

In that regard a discussion of CPUs is relevant, and I just wanted to  
point out that the Opteron series is often overlooked because they  
are "server" chips (whatever that means).

The results posted here by many folks about success or failure to  
playback HD well seem very inconsistent, I suspect because there are  
so many unreported variables such as what else is running, what  
window manager/desktop, what resolution, what if any de-interlacing,  
and many other factors.

But a lot of folks seem to *almost* be able to playback HD, and for  
them a mild OC (perhaps 10%) might make the difference between  
working well and not.

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