[mythtv-users] pcHDTV HD3000 voo doo

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sun Dec 10 19:39:24 UTC 2006

On Dec 10, 2006, at 12:25 PM, John P Poet wrote:

> On 12/10/06, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
>> On Dec 10, 2006, at 11:28 AM, Robert Tsai wrote:
>>> On Sun, Dec 10, 2006 at 10:51:40AM -0700, Greg Grotsky wrote:
>>>> 3.  For those of you who are running like this with ATSC and NTSC
>>>> tuning from the same card, how did you manage the analog audio?  I
>>>> already have the audio output of the pcHDTV card running into the
>>>> audio input on my motherboard and it works.  Does myth mute the
>>>> analog source so it doesn't interfere while watching ATSC streams?
>>> Backing up a bit, how do you manage the *video*? I think there is  
>>> only
>>> one coaxial input, which is currently taken up by my OTA antenna.  
>>> How
>>> do I also cram my analog cable into there?
>> Don't know how he's doing it, but all ATSC channels in the US are in
>> the UHF range, above most analog cable signals.
> Actually, that is not true.  Most ATSC channels are in the UHF range,
> but not all.
> Locally, my PBS station's HD channel is at UHF 35, but they have
> several SD ATSC channels at VHF 9.
> After the cut over in 2009, stations that are broadcasting NTSC in the
> VHF range will be allowed to move their ATSC broadcast to their VHF
> channel.

Ultimately the goal is to get all TV broadcasting off of VHF channels  
- the government wants to auction off those frequencies, or perhaps  
give them to Haliburton :-)

During the transitional period there may be some ATSC on VHF, but it  
should be an uncommon situation.

I still think trying to use both sides of the HD-3000 isn't worth the  
effort, considering how cheap an NTSC frame-grabber is.

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