[mythtv-users] Upgrade from FC4 to FC6

John Welch jrw3319 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 17:03:33 UTC 2006

Thanks for the additional replies.  Just a couple of responses.

First, to Axel, I in no way meant to question your decision to EOL FC4.  I
fully understand your reasoning in light of no more security updates for the
release.  I guess your announcement just kind of caught me a bit by
surprise.  Since I didn't say it before, I'll also take this chance to thank
you for all the work you put into making the packages in your repo
available.  As far as my upgrade methodology, I definitely intend to use the
install DVD if I decide to upgrade over the FC4.  You mention using Smart
0.50, but I'm assuming you are referring to this version only if I were
going to using Smart to do the initial upgrade.  I have been using Smart
0.42 to keep my other two FC4 --> FC6 systems up to date after the upgrades
and have had no major problems.

As far as the suggestion to go to CentOS, I guess it is something to
consider.  However, if I went this route I would think I would need to find
a new spot to install or wipe out my existing FC4 installation, as I doubt
"upgrading" to CentOS 4.4 over FC4 would work.  I administer several
Linux-based systems at work.  After starting down the Fedora path way back
when FC1/FC2 were out, I quickly became tired of the fast turnover of
releases and switched to CentOS.  It has been rock solid on several current
systems, and it is definitely my Linux OS of choice in the work
environment.  But I guess my perception is that for a home entertainment
system, like mythtv, you need a distro that releases more frequent kernel
updates so you can get the latest and greatest with new drivers for video,
sound, and capture cards; and support for new cards.  Unless of course you
want to get involved with recompiling kernels.  Maybe my perception is

Thanks again,
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