[mythtv-users] Moving the location where my videos are stored...

Jesse Dhillon tobor at berkeley.edu
Sun Dec 10 09:52:30 UTC 2006

If you're talking about moving the place where MythVideo stores its 
videos, you'll need to do a little SQL magic to change the paths to your 

One option is to write a script which examines files in the current 
directory and uses imdb.pl to inject metadata into mysql.

Another is to write a script which passes the results of 'select 
filename from mythconverg.videometadata' into sed, which will then apply 
a search and replace regexp to the results, and then update the values 
in the db.

Hope that helps.


Udo van den Heuvel wrote:
> Hello,
> What is the correct procedure to move the location where my videos are
> stored?
> It involves (in my case) mouting a partition someplace else but also
> telling MythTV.
> What's the best approach to avoid problems?
> Kind regards,
> Udo
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