[mythtv-users] Mythweb problems with latest updates

Martin Stubbs martin at mstubbs.co.uk
Sat Dec 9 22:31:20 UTC 2006

> > I am using myth and mythweb from SVN upto change 12204. I believe I have
> > the .conf configured correctly etc but I see the following errors in the
> > log.
> But your svn didn't delete files in includes/ that it should have when I
> moved them.
> This has been answered several times before on the correct list
> (mythtv-dev) for svn discussion, and you should have no trouble finding
> the answer through searching the archives (or probably even google).
Thank you for the answer Chris. I had done a clean checkout but had copied it 
over an old mythweb directory. I had searched but obviously not with the 
correct key words.
One comment on the documentation, under SuSE the files in conf.d are ignored 
if the file name does not end in .conf . Maybe this is not the same in other 

Thanks for the help

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