[mythtv-users] capture card for DirecTV

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Dec 9 22:22:32 UTC 2006

On Dec 9, 2006, at 3:08 PM, Jeremy Tietsort wrote:

> I actually don't know yet.  I don't have any HD tuners or TV sets at
> this point, so it's all just future proofing.     I'm assuming that
> it's possible to get HD off of DirecTV and onto Myth, but I don't know
> for sure.

Bad assumption. Unless the DirecTV box has Firewire output, and I  
have never heard of one that does, the only way is to encode  
uncompressed HD video out of an HDMI or component output.

This can be done, but the equipment cost is out of reach for most  
consumers (many thousands of $US).

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