[mythtv-users] FC6 myth migrated-only some recording schedules show up

Larry Roberts mythtv at american-hero.com
Sat Dec 9 19:19:10 UTC 2006


Just finished a migration to new HW and from FC4 to FC6. Followed 
Jared's guide.

I used the instructions found here:
to backup my DB.  Used the same instructions to restore after I had myth 
setup and working.

What I have found however is that when I look at my upcoming recordings, 
it appears that only 2 of them are being scheduled.

If i look at the previously recorded I see all the old stuff, but when I 
go into upcoming some of them don't show up.

I took a quick look in the restore file and I see the listings in the 
INSERT INTO `record`  section, but they still dont show up.

I did change the hostname of this box , however its both the backend and 
the frontend and some of the recordings are showing up.

I googled and also took a look at the faq but couldn't find anything. 
Nothing extraneous (that I can tell) shows up in the mythbackend log either?

Can someone give me a hint as to where to look to try and find out what 
is causing the problem?  I'm going to try and see if I can find the 
records in the mysql DB, but my DB skills are lacking..

Thanks in advanced.


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