[mythtv-users] LIRC/Remote Troubleshooting

Robert Creager Robert_Creager at LogicalChaos.org
Sat Dec 9 18:13:27 UTC 2006

Aaron Blew wrote:
> Not I.  I stole the lirc configs from a friend of mine who's got the 
> same card/remote and didn't have any luck.  He's using LIRC 0.8.0 on 
> 2.6.15-27-686 (a ubuntu kernel I think), while I'm running 
> <> and lircd 0.8.1pre2 (pre2 because of a compilation 
> issue with the kernel or somesuch).
> What versions of the kernel are you guys running?  Could this be an ivtv 
> vs. the kernel or lircd vs the kernel issue?

It's a make problem on my system.  USE_LIRC is not defined in the 
Makefile in the mythfrontend directory:

CFLAGS   = -pipe -march=k8 -Wall -W -g -D_REENTRANT  -DMMX 
-DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DLIBDIR=\"/usr/local/lib\" -DUSING_XV 

Going over to libs/libmyth we have:

CFLAGS   = -pipe -march=k8 -Wall -W -g -D_REENTRANT -DPIC -fPIC  -DMMX 
-DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\" -DLIBDIR=\"/usr/local/lib\" -DUSING_OSS 

Which has USE_LIRC.

Anyone have thoughts as to why this might be?


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