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Robert Seaton bobs at itproscorp.com
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I followed your instructions, and had to change your referance "SMBFS" to "CIFS" since SMBFS command is no longer supported in fc6. Once changing that ref, I at least got a access denied return from my windows box. I also found out that my windows box does not allow NTLM auth. So what I need is a command that will allow me to specify the auth type in the command line. I would like to specify Kerberos, but will settle for NTLM2 auth. However your docs did put me on to the right track for which I am greatful. Got any ideas?

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Robert Seaton wrote:
> I have a myth box running on FC6, and I want to set the music share in
> mythfrontend to access a network share where all my mp3's are. My music
> share resides on a Windows server. I have noticed that when I set the
> music store path in Mythfronend to SMB://Windowsserver/music no
> authentication applet appears, and no music appears in the store. How
> can I accomplish this task?

You need to mount the network share outside of MythMusic.  Check out 
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=280473 for directions on making 
Linux mount the share on boot.  This should work on FC6.  Although step 
1 will differ.  If you do not want to mount it on boot, look at steps 3 
and 4 for manually mounting the share.  If you omit the "password=" 
parameter, you will be prompted and it will not be in your bash history. 
  Point MythMusic to the mount point.

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