[mythtv-users] Perth, Western Australia daylight savings timezone changes

Darren fender_bender at aandr.com.au
Sat Dec 9 08:00:43 UTC 2006

All you need to do is start mythtv-setup change the "Time offset for XMLTV
listings" to +1200 gmt or there abouts for your area. The channeltz thing
didn't work for me this was the next best way and works a treat.
Darren of Adelaide

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Anyone in West Australia using the tvguide.org.au data and grabber should
update their system to the correct timezone and time (and reboot), and then
will also need to add channeltz="-0100" to every TV channel line in
/home/mythtv/.mythtv/tvguide.org.au.xmltv, except for ABC2, which has
channeltz="-0300".  Then, as mythtv user, run 

mythfilldatabase --graboptions "-v -v -v" 

Once the tvguide information is fixed up for the new daylight savings time,
you'll have to change all of the "-0100" lines in your  tvguide.org.au.xmltv
file back to "+0000", and ABC2 back to "-0200".  Stay vigilant this week for
this correction in the tvguide.org.au data! 


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