[mythtv-users] SUCCESS - archiving on DVD with animated menus

Paul Harrison mythtv at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Dec 7 21:16:01 UTC 2006

devsk wrote:
> alright, I took the patch from that link and applied it against 
> mytharchive-0.20_p11222.ebuild and it applied clean. Then, I just took 
> the G.A.N.T. theme and modified as per the comment left by pholmes.
> the damn thing works and I get animated per recording and per chapter 
> previews but its too slow. It took about 70 minutes to get my final 
> DVD, whereas it would have taken close to 20 minutes without animated 
> previews.
> thanks for the link.
> -devsk
> PS: is it ok to attach a 400K theme tar in this mailing list? I think 
> after applying the patch and building it, only thing tedious to do is 
> the theme. Since, I have already done it, if someone wants to use it, 
> I can send it.
I've been having a play with this myself. The patch didn't apply cleanly 
to svn trunk but I managed to massage things so it applied. I'm having a 
couple of problems with it though. The menu music  is cut of abruptly 
because it is too long for the preview clip and the highlight image gets 
scrambled after the first run through of the previews. The supplied 
theme also needs some work to make it more generic.

Best not to send such a large file to the list. It will probably get 
rejected anyway. You can email it to me and if I can get things working 
properly I'll add it to svn.

Paul H.

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