[mythtv-users] IVTV 0.8.1 and PVR 500 with new Samsung tuners

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Dec 7 20:51:15 UTC 2006

On Dec 7, 2006, at 1:30 PM, Ed Gatzke wrote:

> Someone else suggested that attenuating the signal would get it  
> running right.
> I've hesitated to try that since my problems in the past (with  
> cable TV in
> And I have seen the tricks about pulling the metal casing off the  
> tuners.

That idea was just taking the slip-on metal shield off the tuner can.  
I agree that it doesn't make sense that it would help anything, if  
anything it would seem to allow more interference into the can, but  
it could always be slipped back on.

I had a card years ago that was helped by putting a dab of solder on  
the can-top sides, presumably making a better connection than the  
simple friction.

But you can't argue with success, if it helped the fellow who posted  
that one, who's to complain.
> I just saw in this thread to try a different PCI slot.

I'd think this would just make differences in the IRQ and the  
discovery order. If it worked for somebody it is possible that the  
card was simply seated poorly and moving it corrected that problem,  
which in fact had nothing to do with the actual position. Or it could  
have been a bad PCI connector I suppose. Again it's hard to argue  
with success though.
> And someone said use a 4 way cable splitter  running in the out and  
> out the out with a terminator to accomplish the attenuation?  Crazy.

I guess if you had some splitters and didn't have a real attenuator  
that would be one way to reduce the signal, but if it worked I'd get  
a real atten. as soon as I could. So it's not really "crazy" as a test.

> I will try the cable splitter and PCI ideas, but ripping pieces off  
> my hardware scares me.

It's not really "ripping", just slipping a slide-on cover off.

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