[mythtv-users] commercial flagging

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Thu Dec 7 08:44:39 UTC 2006

> Find your advert break, place a 'cut after this point' at the  
> begining of the
> adverts and a 'cut before this point' at the end of the adverts,  
> this marks
> the range that is to be cut.

Thats great, when I first tried that it didn't work because the show  
ended as soon as I came out of the editing (so I could fast forward),  
but of course if you stay in it you can move around and then its fine.

Many thanks.

Although I think it might be nice if it say remembered all the  
bookmarks you set then you could load them in as cut points later.  
That way you could just hit OK (or whatever you have enter set to in  
your remote) at the start and end of the adverts. Then it does not  
change your normal viewing experience, but you can load and cut the  
adverts after easily. Obviously the play from bookmark would have to  
then play from the last bookmark set.

Of course that may be a load of effort to code than has no benefit to  
anybody. What do you think?


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