[mythtv-users] HD DVD

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Dec 6 22:17:05 UTC 2006

>Anyone know if Linux will recognize the XBOX 360 HD DVD drive? Also does
>anyone know of ant Linux/open source programs that can decode the AACS
>coding one the discs. I'm thinking this will be a nice way to make sure my
>setup lasts for quite sometime.

I would think any open source development of software to break AACS content
protection would need to be done outside of the USA (at least) to avoid jail
time for violating a little law called the DMCA. Do you know how much you
just freaked out the MPAA by asking where the deAACS software is?

I can plug in my HD-DVD accessory to my mythbox tonight and check, but I am
pretty sure it will be recognized as at least a USB DVD-type drive since
that much works when I plug it into my XP laptop (which of course won't
play/recognize a commercial HD-DVD in the drive but will play a commercial
DVD in it).

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