[mythtv-users] HD DVD

mythusers at freakzilla.com mythusers at freakzilla.com
Wed Dec 6 22:09:29 UTC 2006

On Wed, 6 Dec 2006, Steven Adeff wrote:

> I wouldn't trust a computer sound card with SACD or DVD-A thats cheap
> enough to not warrant purchasing a stand alone player.

I'd love to reply telling you that the mboard/soundcard I have in here has 
optical and coaxial digital spdif output as well as 7.1 channel analog 
output and that I believe sound quality would be just fine, but sadly it's 
an ATI chipset which means only a small tiny subset of it actually works!

Quite honestly, I'm very happy with the sound quality I get out of my 
ripped-into-FLAC CDs. I use MythTV pretty much as nothing /but/ a music 
player, and it'd be nice not to have any CD-like media cluttering up the 
place for music. And yeah, I can rip some of the DVD-A or DTS-only discs, 
but until that sounds great and I can get SACD, I'll still use my 
standalone player for that. Same goes for DVD-Video, until diskspace is 
cheap enough to rip all of THOSE, too.



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