[mythtv-users] NFS woes

Tom Wright thomaswright at cantab.net
Wed Dec 6 20:44:32 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 06 December 2006 20:11, Tom Wright wrote:
> The problem is that the server (thor) hangs completely - it won't even
> respond to ping - at random intervals.  I can also force it to crash by
> playing a recording and fast-forwarding really fast (say at 30x play
> speed).

I tried running 

cat big.file >/dev/null

on bragi, where big.file is stored on the NFS-mounted JFS partition.  For a 
1.2GB file, it worked fine (and at about the speed I'd expect for gigabit 
ethernet).  For a 2.7GB file, it crashed but from the time it took, I'd guess 
that it crashed before it had copied 1GB.  Probably just chance then, and it 
might've crashed when copying the 1.2GB file.

One other thing: I have another machine (loki) which has the same mount 
options for its NFS shares but doesn't net-boot and I have used this to copy 
multi-gigabyte files without any trouble.

To test things, I decided to mount the JFS partition on loki using the same 
mount options as bragi does.  True to form, it crashed the server so I'm 
pretty sure the problem is to do with exporting JFS over NFS.

Two questions:
- Is it possible to set up a mythtv-friendly filesystem which is exportable 
over NFS in a stable way? How does one do this? (If you're thinking XFS, I've 
tried that one too and it's worse than JFS).
- Alternatively, is it possible to use ext3 with mythtv? what formatting 
options do I use? What are the disadvantages?



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