[mythtv-users] Have you switched from Tivo to MythTV?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Dec 5 21:54:56 UTC 2006

On Dec 5, 2006, at 2:32 PM, Mike Dent wrote:

> Hi,
> have you moved from a Tivo system to MythTV? If so how are you  
> finding it in
> comparison? More importantly how is your significant other finding  
> it!?
> Thanks
> Mike

Hooo Boy. Flame Bait if I ever saw any :-)

But the short list of advantages I have found for Myth over a TiVo:

Stores files in a common format (MPEG) as opposed to a proprietary one.

Can burn a DVD with a couple of clicks instead of having to transfer  
the file to a (Windows) machine (slowly) and use crappy (and  
commercial) software to do so.

Multiple tuner capability.

Much more flexible scheduling options.

No monthly fee (Big issue here IMHO).

Ease of storage expansion.

Better support.

There are many more advantages. Of course some things Myth can do can  
be done by hacking a TiVo, but why should I have to ?

Can't say about the SO issue, as is isn't a factor for me, but I  
would think anyone who can learn to operate a TiVo can learn to  
operate Myth, but the motivation to do so might be a problem.

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